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Moving abroad and developing your skills sounded like a dream.

A new environment, new people, new experiences and new adventures for you.

You’ve always been a determined person. You’ve easily adapted to different circumstances and leapt at new opportunities.

You’re used to getting things done and achieving whatever you put your mind to.

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But once you settled into your new country, reality hit. Hard.

Now, you feel stuck and frustrated. You struggle to connect and communicate with others, and it’s holding you back -- personally and professionally.

You aren’t leveraging your fullest potential. You know deep down, this is not the person who you really are.

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Imagine waking up every morning and feeling that you’re moving forward. Getting results. And going one step further in your career and in your life abroad.



When you reach your professional goals your personal life also changes radically.


I'm gonna be honest with you: there’s no magic pill or one-size-fits-all here. But what I CAN promise you is something much more valuable: the support you need and a step-by-step action plan to your dream career. So that you can finally achieve your full potential.

bio Ale Cantu

Hi, I 'm Ale Cantú

I am a certified Change Coach who helps people like you achieve their potential, and find success and fulfilment professionally.

Over the past 3 years, I’ve worked with dozens of professionals to help them build a thriving career and life in their newly adopted country. 

When I left Mexico and moved to Germany, many years ago, I couldn’t speak a word of German. I had massive culture shock. In many ways, I had to rebuild my life and start from the beginning. I went through everything you’re going through now (struggles, misunderstandings, frustrations and much more). 


But if I was able to turn everything around and build a life for myself abroad, I’m confident I can help you do the same.


because I want to help you finding the shortcut leading you directly to success.


My clients get what they want:

“When I first started working with Ale, I felt a bit numb and restless about my life. I knew that looking for a ‘normal’ job was not what I wanted for myself, but I didn’t know what I actually wanted. When we started with her program, one of my dreams of writing a book started to take shape. Now, a couple of months later, my first book has become a reality. […] I am very grateful to Ale for encouraging me to put my thoughts down on  paper. This was a very deep and eye-opening transformation process. As difficult as facing yourself and your own limiting beliefs could be, it’s all worth it! I highly recommend Ale as a coach in your life journey.”

Neli Georgieva, Bulgaria.

Working with Ale has been a unique and beautiful experience of extreme value to my life and to my future. Ale earned my respect instantly the first time we met, when she turned my goals from a very specific need, into something wider and extremely relevant for all areas of my life. With her approachable, smart and loving personality, she gives you the right support to ensure your actions are in line with your goals and that your goals are in line with your dreams. Ale helps you get that light and clarity while spurring you back into action. Thanks Ale, from the bottom of my heart for helping me find the answers, and for all the support you gave me. You were the key to the significant improvements I have made in my life.”
Adriana Lucas, Brazil.

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